Mark Maverick's Technical Rider


THIS RIDER IS PART OF THE CONTRACT BY PURCHASER FOR MARK MAVERICK (hereinafter referred to as ARTIST). Please initial in spaces provided to signify agreement. Please feel free to print this Rider and give to all appropriate personnel.



A. SOUND SYSTEM: The sound system is a very important element of the show. It must be a QUALITY system in perfect working condition, suitable for both speaking and music, including the following:

(1) A mixer with accessible volume, EQ, bass and treble controls, minimum 16 channel console.

(2) Minimum of two speakers (placed at each side of the stage).

(3) Two hand-held wireless microphones with spare batteries.

(4) If wireless microphones are not available, then two wired microphones with one
stand. Cable must be of sufficient length so that the microphone can reach every
part of the stage area. The second microphone will be used as a backup if

(5) A CD player, which is necessary for playback cues.

(6) A spare channel in the mixer (XLR or ¼ inch) for a portable CD player to be used as a backup. However, the XLR or cable to the amplifier will be used as a second input for background music and special effects. [The power amp or an extra microphone jack must be located near by and able to accommodate an RCA, XLR or 1/4″ plug. ]

(7) Two available power supplies (110 volts).

(8) Speaker monitors on stage which face the volunteers. A QUALITY sound system that provides outstanding sound on the STAGE AREA IS CRITICAL. Audience response drowns out most verbal communication between the hypnotist and the participants. Please do not assume that the sound system is strong enough to overpower hundreds of people laughing. Volunteers must hear the hypnotist clearly. If the facility is not fitted for monitor hook-ups, please be inventive or consult with ARTIST. Almost always, a portable system with large speakers placed behind the volunteers (facing the audience) can out power in-house systems. They also double as excellent monitors.

IMPORTANT: Most professional performance venues have proper PA systems. Hotels and banquet halls often have systems with speakers mounted in the ceiling – these speakers cannot handle the requirements for this show. If there is any doubt, please contact ARTIST prior to show day. If these requirements are unavailable at the facility, other arrangements will need to be made with a PA system supplier or rental company.

B. STAGE: The performance area must be an auditorium stage or an extremely stable riser. If using a riser, the riser must be flush against a wall for safety of the participants. The performance area must either (1) measure a minimum of 16 feet wide by 16 feet deep or (2) be large enough to accommodate 12-15 chairs in a wide semicircle. The performance area must be clear of obstructions such as lecterns, cables, speakers, band or DJ equipment. The surface must be smooth, clean and level. On stage, please provide a small table (about the size of a card table) for miscellaneous props. Table should not wobble. IMPORTANT: If other performers will be using the stage, please notify ARTIST prior to show day. (Performance area cannot be held in a common area environment (such as a cafeteria or food court) where people come and go since it is important to minimize sight and sound distractions

NOTE: An auditorium with a big stage is always nice, however a small packed room is much better than an auditorium only half full. This makes a huge difference in the quality of the show. Please give your location careful consideration and consult with ARTIST about what might be best for your event.

C. STAIRS & SEATING: Easy access from the stage into the audience is necessary. If the stage is over 12 inches high, provide stairs that lead directly into the audience from the FRONT of the stage. Audience seating shall be arranged so that the front row chairs begin approximately 6 feet from the stage – unless show is performed in an auditorium or gymnasium. There should be a clear path from stage to seats and an aisle running through the middle of the seating area.

D. LIGHTING: Good stage lighting is important. Both a well-lit stage and adjustable “house lights” are required. The existing room lighting is usually sufficient, however for a more theatrical look, a basic stage wash with “no color pink” gels is recommended. Most auditoriums have acceptable lighting, but please ensure the lights are not burned out and are properly aimed to flood approximately the first 20 feet of the stage area. If the show is located where built-in lighting is not available, any additional lighting to augment the stage area is STRONGLY suggested. This will increase response of volunteers and provide for a much better show. A darkened room with lights on tripods (easily rented) will create a much better “nightclub” atmosphere and make for a better show.

A local map of hotel and performance location should be faxed by PURCHASER to ARTIST at 770-456-5237 at least one (1) week prior to performance. ARTIST will call PURCHASER approximately two (2) days to seven (7) days before performance with arrival information. When ARTIST flies, PURCHASER agrees to provide roundtrip transportation between airport, hotel and performance site. PURCHASER will notify ARTIST if contact information changes between contract date and show date.
Name and phone number of contact:_____________________________________

Please provide clean, non-smoking room accommodations in hotel with excellent standards. (Hotel should be on par with Marriott, Hampton, or Fairfield Inn.) The room should be arranged for one guest (king bed) for evening of performance and/or evening prior (to be arranged with agent). For schools: Off-campus housing is preferred, though your school may offer first-class campus accommodations (on-campus hotel). Campus housing MUST have cable television and a private phone available.
______________________________ Telephone:______________________
(Name of hotel)


A. PRE-SHOW: ARTIST will arrive at performance site approximately two hours (2) before the show. Please have a contact AND sound technician prepared to greet ARTIST and assist with sound, lighting and staging requirements.
Name and phone number of contact:_____________________________________
Name and phone number of sound technician:_____________________________

B. ACCESS: A minimum of two (2) hours for setup and sound checks prior to the audience arrival. If possible, the auditorium or performance room is to be CLOSED to general admission until all sound and lighting checks and stage set up have been completed. Arrangements can possibly be made for a set up earlier in the day prior to guest arrival if scheduling permits.

C. MEALS: If ARTIST needs to be on-site more than 2 hours prior to performance time, please provide one meal.

D. DRESSING ROOM: A private, non-smoking and secure room near the performance area is required. Please provide clothes rack, a table, 2 chairs and 2 bottled waters.

E. PAYMENT: Hand-deliver check to ARTIST following performance. If necessary, call agent several days prior to performance to insure proper payment arrangements.


A. No part, portion or segment of any performance may be broadcast or reproduced either by audio or video means nor can there be any photography taken during the performance without express written permission of ARTIST or M&M Productions which acts only as agent.

B. Please forward any reviews, articles, or press related material to the agent concerning the ARTIST’S performance.

C. ARTIST shall be billed as “Stage Hypnotist” or “Hypnotist” or “Hypnotist/Illusionist” or “Hypnosis Entertainer.”

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